Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update time :)

Noemi is 1 1/2 today!! She's getting so big and is semi-starting to calm down a little bit. She has learned to carry her stool around to climb up on things and she is definitely aware of good actions and bad actions. That, of course does not mean it stops her from doing actions she'll have to apologized for later, but it's a start :)

Let's see stat update from today's Dr. Visit:
Height: 2'7"
Weight: 23lbs

We're really working on getting her to learn new words and use them but she seems stuck on her vocabulary and doesn't see the need to use the new words she learns. We've noticed that she can be very indifferent about things which makes it very easy for her to give up instead of try to say the name of what she wants. Rosita was very similar. Rosita has a very "oh well; whatever" attitude about things so maybe thats a hereditary trait. Well I guess, you could say Shawn and I are like that too so maybe it's a learned behavior... Either way, it's getting in the way of her getting frustrated enough to try the word out. Does that make sense??

News from the RMI??? None. We have not heard from anyone in Majuro. We're once again getting ready to send a package out but I wish they would tell us what they need. When we asked Peter all said was shoes for him. I'm sure Rosita needs something or Peter's wife but he wouldn't tell us what. Did I mention the birthdate thing yet?? No one in Majuro will tell us Rositas birthdate! I just want to know so we can send her a gift (we're nit even asking for the year), but they either don't reply to us or they'll ignore the question or say," oh I'll ask her later"! A fellow RmI mommy suggested that maybe Rosita doesn't know her birthdate but it sounds to me like she does but for some reason doesn't want us to know it. That's fine, I guess we'll just have to respect that.

Well my IPad is acting funny so I'll call it a day and post some more next week ~SPRING BREAK!! Maybe I'll finally load some videos of this crazy beautiful little girl <3