Sunday, September 30, 2012

2 year old Ms.Mimi

Noemi has decided that her name is now Mimi and has agreed (after some convincing) that she is now 2 and no longer 1 :). My baby girl has grown into a beautiful toddler with nonstop energy and an increasing decipherable vocabulary. She's able to express herself in 2-3 word sentences and I think would say more if her mouth would just get the words out! She stops herself mid word/sentence to think about how to say the next part and if she can't think of it, she starts over with a different word or phrase. Her English is coming along rather quickly so this is when we really need to stick to our guns and speak to her only in Spanish.

She loves puzzles these days and can do peg board puzzles and iPad puzzles. She's working on jigsaw puzzles but she's not very interested in them yet. She's a wonderful "mommy" to her babydolls and likes to feed them and buckle them into her booster seat to eat :)

Noemi has become quite the singer and loves to sing along to any music; if there are no words, she hums. She tries singing along to songs she's never even heard before which makes it even more adorable!

Healthwise, Noemi is doing really well. She had a vitamin D insufficiency since we arrived from Majuro but her numbers are finally in normal range now. She's still small for her age measuring in at 33.5" (37%) but doing good in weight at 26lbs. Her teath are finally straightening out and no oral surgery is in her future at this point!

We have not had any new contact with Majuro but have heard from others that Rosita is doing well and still in Rita.