Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mimi has a problem..

No no no..... Mimi's PARENTS have a problem! We have a 2 1/2 year old who is definitely showing her defiant personality these days! Oy-vay! A very snippy "NnnnO" is what we hear all day and a constant battle between pants and no pants, nap and no nap, food and no food.

She's most happy these days strutting around the house in a pair of my heels (kids/princess/dress up heels just don't cut it) and insists that her pants be rolled up above the knees when doing so. I have no idea where she gets that from! I swear I don't walk around the house in my shiny stilettos and shorts! And i really don't think she's learned it from Curious George either, although maybe I missed the episode of George being curious..... ;)

She still sings her heart out to whatever is playing and her favorite songs are "I knew you were trouble"-Taylor Swift and "A-Team"-Ed Sheenan. I admit they're a little adult, especially a-team but she loves them so much and sounds so cute singing them that I figure what's the true harm... I mean really, she's 2. At this point she's just learning vocabulary and pronunciation not so much context, right??

We mastered potty training a couple weeks ago and have had just a couple accidents since. She loves pointing out everywhere she has potty-ed. "Chuch E Cheese, Mimi potty there!" "We go Target? Mimi potty Target!". I should make her a push pin map of all the places she's gone to the bathroom in :)

Let's see, what else is new with Ms.Mimi.... She was quite sick a few weeks ago :( She had pneumonia, an ear infection, an eye infection and a stomach bug all at the same time! She recovered like a champ and was making up for lost down time for a while there! She was non-stop jumping and climbing and dancing and running. It was great to see :)

I guess the other big news is that Noemi as signed to a modeling agency! Meredith Talent and Models called us and said they wanted to represent her. I had sent in her info months ago after a friend suggested that her exotic look might be in demand these days and boom, one day out of the blue they call us, we meet, they like her look and voice, love that she's bilingual, we do some headshots and she's signed! The color picture is her current headshot and the black & white is from a recent kemem :) Thanks again Kari for the shot- I love it!

I still can't figure out how to post videos off my iPad but I'll attempt again over spring break.

Take care everyone! Oh and again, please feel free to ask questions, reach out or leave a comment :)