Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1st online training complete! (By me anyway =P)

So since Monday when all the craziness started, we've been running around trying to find papers for our application. Normally families have 1 month to complete the application and 1 month after that to complete the 16 hours of training (6 or so online, 10 at a workshop) BUT since nothing is ever normal in Shawn and Titi land, we have 1 WEEK!!! We need to get everything done by June 17!!! Holy smokes I'm stressed! And of course today was the last day of school at work so that didn't help much.
I just finished my first 3 hour online training called "With Eyes Wide Open" which is funny/weird because I always told Shawn that I was going to play that song "With Arms Wide Open" when we got pregnant. So, not really pregnant but expecting a child= not really the song title but close enough!
Things to do for tomorrow- print out our tax return, call the SPPD to get fingerprinted, encourage Shawn to finish his training, find someone to write our reference letter, Remind Shawn to get his medical letter done, Go through our papers again and fill in the blanks.... oh and of course go to work, go to graduation and come home and do another training. =) After this the rest should be a piece of cake =P Let's hope so!!

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  1. Wow. This post just exemplifies that you will be a great mom... you are already good at multi-tasking!!! :) Don't forget to eat and sleep and breathe in the coming week!