Tuesday, December 14, 2010

*****We're two days behind*****

Day 3 in RMI. Today was a “busy” day, relatively speaking. We all woke up at 7:00am and slowly got dressed and ready for our day. Maddy called at 8am and informed us that she’d pick us up in half an hour to go get Emi’s passport pictures and go to her Dr. Appt. We stopped at the Tourist Trap (which did not have an English-Marshallese dictionary by the way) and got 8 picture for $12. We then went to the clinic and got Emi’s latest health report. She now weighs 13lbs and is 26” long. The Dr. said she was a very health and happy baby. She slept through most of her exam! She’s so cute =) So, the clinic was supposed to open at 9am and we got there promptly at 8:50am and waited outside. At 9:15am Maddy called the Dr., who lives on the same lot, to tell him to open up. He came out about 5 minutes later and opened up the clinic. Other patients came in and were seen first. He then did Emita’s exam and filled out her papers. Then Shawn finally got the guts to ask the Dr. to check out his cough…..AND GUESS WHO HAS PNEUMONIA?? LOL- poor Shawn. $20 later Shawn walked out with his prescription and a head shake from both Rosita and me =)

Maddy dropped us back off (including Rosita and Emi) at about 10am. She said Gordon, our lawyer, wanted to meet with us go over the court procedures and that she’d call us as soon as she knew what time our appointment was. At 5pm we decided to stop sitting by the phone and we went to the store. We took a taxi to Pay Less store, which is a large supermarket type store. There we bought some distilled water in gallons for $1.50. Then we treated Rosita and ourselves to some ice cream! It was the best deal so far, $1.25 for a cup of ice cream. Also, if you really want Corona, they have it for $36.00 a 12 Pak! Heineken is only $13! After the store, we asked Rosita if she wanted to go home or come back to the hotel, since she lives near the store, she told us “taxi” and motioned back to the hotel, so we all came back! And here we are again for our second night as 4 =)

Rosita is starting to open up and feels more comfortable with us. Maddy called us tonight to give us her number and check in on us. We told her that Rosita was going to stay the night again and all she said was “Oh my!” But Shawn told her that it was fine and definitely an “interesting” experience. I wonder if she’ll say something to her tomorrow? Anyway it’s been a good day and we should be meeting with Gordon tomorrow.

****We'll update you all later about what we didn't post the past couple of day****

Tips for future families:

The Dr. did not use any of the forms LSS sent with us. He filled out his own forms. I do not yet know if this will come back to bite us in the bum. I suggest you still bring the medical form just in case. Maybe later down the line, LSS families will no longer need to bring them along if other families have the same experience. The Dr. is going on vacation for 6 weeks starting Friday 12/18 and Maddy said ALL adoptions will cease until he gets back, since he is the only US certified adoption doctor.

The ice cream at Pay Less is a great deal $1.50 a cup. Also the gallon water at Pay Less is so far the cheapest we’ve seen. $1.50 gallon

Emi is not latching well to the some of the nipples we brought. So bring multiple types and flows of nipples to find out which one works best for your child.

The taxis are $.50 per person depending on distance and are not scary, but like in Mexico, we learned you have to ask how much the fare is BEFORE you get in. If you’re going to the airport or outside of DUD it could be up to $2.00 but definitely not more. There seem to be no buses so taxis are your only mode of transportation other than your own two feet or renting a car.

Gordon and Maddy have warned that TB is on the island and if you’re in a taxi with someone who is coughing GET OUT!

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