Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crazy?? Maybe a little

We are about to embark on something some might call brave, others inspiring... my family calls it crazy :) We're going on a 1600 mile, 5 day road trip with our 21 month old :) We are heading to Springdale, AR to get a little culture, Marshallese culture that is!
Springdale, AR has the largest concentration of Marshallese outside of the RMI. The story goes that in the early '80s a man left Majuro and found work at the Tyson Chicken factory in Springdale. He sent word to RMI that Tyson was hiring and they migrated but the thousands! Springdale currently has a population of about 70,000, 15,000 of which are Marshallese! We want to go shopping for more Marshallese handicrafts and possibly try some new foods :) Shawn's also on a BBQ quest so we'll be stopping in Kansas City and St. Louis.
Noemi update: My little girl finally grew and now fits 24 month clothes :) Last time we weighted her here at home she was still 26 lbs but this little girl is as active as they come! She is definitely in her terrible twos and loves to look you in the eye as she challenges you... We're going to have our hands full when she becomes a teenager!


  1. Good luck with your adventure!! We sure had a hard time finding the Marshallese store and it wasn't as big as we had hoped. My husband wrote down its address because it was so impossible to find and not posted anywhere online. So if you need it - and we can still find his scribbles - let me know!

  2. Hope you all had a great adventure...Funny Thing...We spent the 15-17 in Springdale too....We went to meet our soon to be babies birth family...I was amazed at the friendly nature of everyone & the scenery was beautiful.