Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1st Homestudy visit done =)

Well we meet with our social worker today! We started with a brief run through of what we needed to accomplish from that visit, then we dove right in. She first asked Shawn all kinds of questions about his "family of origin". Parents, brothers, sister, relationship with them, childhood years, education.... Shawn talked about himself for an hour! I'd never seen that before (well besides with me of course!)
Then I talked for an hour about myself (same type of questions), if you know me, you know that's not very difficult for me =P I'm very open and I love talking about my family! We both decided that it was very hard to sit quietly while your spouse is missing key points! Luckily she gave us a chance at the end to add anything we felt she should know that we didn't say. After we left of course, we thought of better answers or things we STILL forgot to mention.

It's funny because Shawn had to describe himself then I had to describe him and vice versa, I don't think she believed us when we talked about how positive I am or how Shawn is super patient and willing to talk about his feeling-LOL. Oh well, we know its true and our child will too.

So the next visit is the big HOME VISIT! (insert suspenseful musical interlude here) She'll come over for a couple hours and we'll get to talk about our relationship and how we work and communicate with each other, how we resolve problems and our parenting styles. She'll tour our home and make sure we have enough space for a child. I guess we'll get to talk about discipline and expectations and stuff like that too.
Again I don't think she'll believe us when we tell her we communicate really well together. Seriously we do! We scored 100% on our communication portion of our marriage preparation course! I wonder if I can get a copy of those results from the Archdiocese?? That would probably be good to submit with the Dossier, right? (Dossier= paperwork that gets sent to the country as our petition to adopt from their country. If they approve our Dossier then we get placed on the waiting list for a child)

Oh last bit of news- The Marshall Islands have now approved finalization paperwork to bypass Hawaii and go straight the the Philippines. What the heck does that mean?? It means that if we get approved and when we go get our child, we only have to stay an average of 3 weeks instead of 6!!! And I was really getting used to the idea of 6 weeks on a beautiful island getting to know our new family members and culture. However, 3 weeks on an island 40 miles in length and 1/2 mile wide (at it's widest point) will probably be suffice too =)

Ok well, I've been told that I need to post more often, so I will try. I'll also try to post picture of our newly remodeled "extra" room soon. (I'm still weary of calling it "the baby" room :/ )
Thanks for reading
-T V de N


  1. I still can't get how narrow the island is! You guys need to take a bunch of video while your there also...

  2. I get teary reading these posts each and every time!!! I'm just so excited to meet your new baby!!!! What a blessed little baby that with be to have such amazing parents and family! :-)


  3. Thanks for letting us follow your blog. It is great to read about your experiences since we have been through the same things. We are paper ready and waiting for our referral. Good luck on everything. Feel free to follow our blog: