Thursday, August 26, 2010

Home Visit Done and MORE EXCITING NEWS!

Our social worker (and an intern)came out to the house today! We took a quick tour of the house and showed off all the clean rooms and floors before sitting down in the living room and chatting for 2 hours. (Note to other families who are starting the process- she will not look in closets or open closed doors unless you open them first BUT they are looking at your decor and knick-knacks and apparently will question you about them later!) She commented on our multicultural decor and liked the fact that it wasn't just American and Mexican. We have Japanese paintings, Chinese fans, Swedish art and other things that i think may be Scandanavian. I think they felt we'd be more likely to incorporate Marshallese culture into our decor since we were open to other cultures already. We talked about our discipline style and our families again. We talked about religion and what we're going to raise the baby. Then they tried to say that Shawn and I have been together for so long and are used to it being just the 2 of us that it might be hard to add a 3rd person to the mix... ARE you kidding?? We tried to explain that we spend so much time together because we like too and BECAUSE it's only the 2 of us. We are obviously ready and willing to add a 3rd person to our family!

Then we talked about the BIG NEWS! Apparently the Marshall Islands is in need of families to adopt so they're giving us permission to speed things up! I can't give out to many details but basically we're going to cut our wait time by a few months!! Holy Buckets!! We now have 16 documents we need to gather and get notarize and send to the agency in about 2 weeks! Shawn says we have more then 2 weeks but I say GO GO GO!!

Well I'm off to research how to get the papers we need! I love having paperwork because it makes me feel like something is happening and I have control over something! =) Did i say this already in a previous post??

Take care and good night!


  1. WOW!!! congratuations!!! you are going to be amazing parents!!! I mean you take care of me already.... xoxoxojend

  2. YEAH!! This is all coming together!! It's all meant to be....fate and love!!

  3. Wow, speeding up the process... Things are really moving along so don't for get to stay rested!

  4. Yay! I am SO excited!!!! but I think it's funny that she said you may not want to add a 3rd person into the mix. they really should NOT say things like that! I mean after all the time and effort you have had to invest in this process!!! crazy! OK Keep us posted. LOVE, BRENDA