Thursday, September 2, 2010

Papers Papers Papers!

So we are doing our Home Study, I-600A and Dossier all at the same time! Normally you do one at a time but we're being considered a "rush" family! =) We are now done getting everything we needed for our I-600A (our petition to the USA to adopt an orphan); I plan to drop it off tomorrow to our social worker. Then on Tuesday we'll hand in our part of the Dossier and of course writing out some BIG checks!
After that we wait.......... we wait for the FBI to approve our prints and we wait for our appointment to get printed AGAIN. And we wait for everyone to look over our stuff and say Yes or No. Then once everyone says "Yes, you can be parents" we officially wait again, but this time for THE CALL. The call that says "We have child waiting for you".

Please pray for us that this is it. Please pray that everyone says yes and we can start that exciting wait - just like a pregnant couple waiting for their child to join their family. And Please Please pray for the scared, worried pregnant woman in the Marshall Island's who is coming to the difficult decision of making a birth plan for her child. I don't know who she is yet, but she is constantly in my thoughts. No, not that she chooses adoption so we can raise her child - but that she is getting the support she needs with this difficult decision that will change her life. I pray that she is turning to her faith in humanity and in God to guide her. I pray that she is safe and accepted and comforted by someone when talking about her decision.
I pray for her because she is after all family, she just doesn't know it yet :)


  1. We will pray hard for you T and Shawn. And for the birth mother, as requested. Very touching post btw. Love ya, Brenda

  2. It's so exciting to know things are moving along for you guys!! Teresa, I remember briefly speaking with you on the RMI boards like back in May or June. It's looks like we are at the same timeline you guys are at.

    It would be great to reconnect...because who knows we may be traveling at the same time? Send me an e-mail when you have a moment.


    Lechelle "Shelly" Benken

  3. This post made me smile and moving! I will be sending many blessings, thoughts and prayers to you, Shawn and the lovely young woman in the Marshall Islands. We will all be waiting with you for that call!