Sunday, September 19, 2010


So my social worker and I have been e-mailing back and forth about travel vaccinations and what-not when it occurred to me to ask, " When are we officially on the waiting list?" This was her reply!!! : "At this point, you ARE currently on the waiting list. Your materials have been sent and you are waiting to be matched with a birth parent." WHAT?!?!? I thought we'd have more time!! So basically we can be referred any day now but the soonest we'd be able to travel is probably mid-November when the rest of our papers get processed!! Holy Buckets!! ( I should consider renaming my blog "Holy Buckets" as I seem to be saying it quite often during this journey=p)

SOOOO- we are now in Super Duper Fundraiser mode.... We were figuring February at the earliest but we've now been (possibly) bumped up by 3-4 months- Yikes!
We have a couple months to raise funds faster then anticipated but we can do this!! Anyone have fundraising ideas?? We'll be doing a meat raffle and possibly some craigslist sales but with the holidays coming up, I hate to bug people, well I hate bugging people in general, but more so around the holidays =)

As we wait for THE CALL- please pray for us and for our child's Lotak Jinno (birth mother).


  1. HOLY BUCKETS!!!! This is so wonderful and I'm so excited!!!! I'm going to email a friend that used to coordinate fundraisers...see if she has any ideas.

  2. Perhaps friends and family could auction their talents. Stefano and I would prepare a five course Italian meal with wine pairings for up to 4 people for the highest bidder - at our house or theirs!

  3. How about a raffle? They do this at the kids's school...last year they bought an American Girl doll and an ipod....then everyone buys tickets. You'd have to know a lot of people to but tickets...but FB is great for spreading the word.

  4. Here is a blog I put together for our fundraiser. It took some effort but I did raise a good amount of money. I did this until we received our referral. I had a friend do the applique on this shirts since I am not crafty. If you want any info on this just let me know.
    Laurie Herrell