Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quick Noemi development update

I thought I'd update everyone on Noemi's stats:

Current Weight: 21lbs
Current Height: 29"
Current head circumference: 2% (small but she's developing normally and it's proportionate to her body so we're ok)

Sat by herself: 5-6 months
Said first words: 7 months, Hola and mas (hello and more in Spanish)
Crawled: 9 months
Walked: 10 months

We're now up to 11 words in her vocabulary that she knows and uses correctly: Dada, mas, agua, Hola, oh oh, bye, night night, yes, no, yay, and hi.
We're focusing on Spanish as her base language and will incorporate more English as the years go on.

Something we also had done that I forgot to mention before, was having her hearing and eye sight tested. Since we don't have a full medical history (from birthdad and very limited from birth mom) our ped. recommended having a baseline in case something came up later. That way we could say,"at 6 months she was here and now she's here."

She loves to sing and dance and climb. She LOVES to climb and has very good balance for her age.

To those looking to adopt in the future: if there is something specific you'd like us to answer, please feel free to ask. I do check the blog comments regularly so please let me know what your questions are.

Thanks and Happy New Year!


  1. I sent in our registration to LSS this afternoon and by accident stumbled upon your blog. I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I enjoyed it and you answered so many of the questions I had on the processes. Raised a few I'd not thought of too. Thank You for sharing your families journey.

  2. Thank Amy! There's a lot to consider when adopting and even now we're still learning about the island, culture and our role as her parents :). My email is listed in our profile, so feel free to ask any questions you have and we'll try to answer them or point you to resources that helped us. Good luck on your journey!