Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I found our packing list- hope this helps

Baby Needs:
o Aspirator​
o Thermometer​
o Band-aids
o Bottle brushes
o Wipes
o Baby carrier
o Diaper bag
o Rash ointment
o Baby Tynenol
o Gripe water
o Scabies Meds
o Antibiotics
o Pink eye drops
o Sun Screen
o antifungal cream
o Stomach meds​
o Ear infection​
o Eye infection​
o Baby Tylenol​
o Lice​
o Vitamins (parents and baby)​
o Hydrogen peroxide
Basic Needs:
o Formula
o Bottles
o Pacifiers
o Pacifier clip
o Nipples (different sizes/styles)
o Wash Clothes
o Diapers
o Crib sheet
o Blankets
o Bath towels
o Stuffed animal​
o Few toys
Clothing for baby:
o Bibs
o Sleep sacks -long sleeves
o Swaddle Blankets
o Onsies
o Pants
o Sweaters (for airport/plane)
o Long Sleeve top
o Socks
o Sun Hat
o Bathing Suit​​
o T-shirts
o Shorts
o Outfit for court or Celebration Dinner​​​

Parent needs
o Shampoo/conditioner
o Razors
o allergy medicine
o Bug spray
o contact lenses/solution/glasses
o feminine products​
o lanacain
o Q-tips
o hand and body lotion
o Bath towels
o deodorant
o Soap
o tweezer
o toothbrushes/toothpaste
o hair brush
o hair clips/bands
o hand sanitizer.
o clorox wipes
Basic Needs:
o Flashlight
o tupperware
o laundry bag
o hangers
o ziplop sandwich bags​
o gallon ziplock
o Crystal Light
o Sunglasses
o Laptop and charger
o Camera and cords
o Cell phone and charger
o Camcorder, cords and cd’s
o Batteries
o water purification tablets
o Cash
o Roll of quarters
o luggage locks
o breakfast bars
o Long sleeve shirts
o Beach cover up
o Sun hats​
o Clothes for court ​
o Shoes for court ​
o Flip flops​
o Shorts​
o T-shirts​
o Sweaters​
o Socks​
o Underwear
o Bras​
o Swimming suits​
o Skirts
o Pajamas

For Marshallese
o T-shirts
o Photo Album
o Flip Flops
o Necklace
o Toys for kids
o Coffee Table book
o Gourmet treats

o Things to buy in RMI
o Burner
o Hot Pot
o Pan?
o Bowls/silverware/cups


  1. Luckily, if you forget something, many of this stuff can be purchased in the RMI, at a significantly higher price though. Basically, if you forget something, don't sweat it.

  2. Oh of course! We were just looking over this ourselves thinking we could have left half of this behind and bought it there. But yes at double the price. But I guess with baggage fees and everything these days it might equal out!